1) Q: Are Quartz and granite strong materials?
A: Yes, Both are the strongest natural materials, yet both do have some weaknesses.

2) Q: Where is Quartz found?
A: Quarts is mainly found in America and Brazil as they have some of the biggest deposits in the world.

3) Q: How Old is Quartz?
A: Some Quartz deposits are around 300 Million years old.

4) Q: Does Quartz have different Colours?
A: Quartz does come in many different shades and hues.

5) Q: Is Quartz considered a precious stone.
A: Quartz is mainly considered a semi – precious stone.

6) Q: Which Colour for Quartz is the hardest to find?
A: The Hardest colour to find is Blue.

7) Q: How do you spot fake Quartz?
A: Fake Quartz made by glass can be spotted by showing bubbles in it, True Quartz does not have this.